Solutions to recommend to your clients now that IPN is gone

Carrie KahnBill & Pay, PARTNERS

If your customer has the new QuickBooks Payments, it includes a free feature called e-invoicing. This product is the replacement for IPN that was discontinued May 2016. Your customers love this feature because it speeds up collections on their accounts receivable. One big improvement is that these payments are included in the auto batch feature saves a lot of time reconciling deposits. However e-invoicing didn’t come with all the same features as IPN.

WHAT’S MISSING with e-invoicing?

  1. The ability to put a link on your website to pay an invoice
  2. Being able to pay less than the amount of the invoice
  3. Reminders

At CBG, we have been using and recommending a third party app called Bill & Pay. It works with QB Payments and integrates with QBO, QB Pro, Premier & Enterprise. We have been using it for 5 years because it always had the auto batch feature and it is user friendly making it easy for our customers to pay invoices.

Bill & Pay FEATURES worth noting:

You can setup recurring ACH charges for invoicing monthly customers. There is a very low fee for ACH vs credit card processing fees so many businesses like this feature.

You can setup a payment plan with your customer and have them agree to it via electronic signature. This is especially helpful for invoices of a large amount that need to be spread out over time. Within this payment plan the customer can choose between credit card and ACH then have the payment deducted automatically.

This is a very popular request. If your customers like paying from a statement, like a private school where charges are added throughout the month, for example school lunches, you can send an itemized statement, with a pay now link.

If your customer simply need a quick pay now link feature and offer the flexibility of ACH and or Credit Cards, then e-invoicing will work for them. It’s FREE with QuickBooks Payments. We have created a matrix below highlighting some features to help you guide your customer. Download here to view. We also have a blog post you can share with your customers to learn more. Click here to view or share.

We recommend that our partners either sign up as a reseller or click here to try Bill & Pay Free for 30 days.