Partners in our community

I am honored to have made the CBG Premier Club and I am here because of the great support from Carrie, Paula and Staff. The partner program has allowed me to offer great prices for my clients and all the orders have been processed perfectly. Any product questions are always responded to quickly, so my clients never wait long for their answers which is Priceless!!Nancy Scott, Where Your Money Went
CBG program is amazing as it allows me to be VIP with my clients when I tell them that I have special pricing for them and direct contact with the implementation of QBO, payroll or QB Payments. Plus the staff are so helpful in anything that you need that makes it less painful to implement new clients. Alex J Parajoon, Paragon Business Solutions

I truly enjoying working with Carrie and Complete Business Group. This experience has allowed me to work with very fun and interesting companies. The projects are diverse and I enjoy problem solving unique situations.

I value the resources available through the partner program to help each client. There are many solutions that are compatible with Quickbooks to help streamline and automate client workflow, and, because of the partner program, we are able to utilize and maximize the possibilities that will best suit the clients needs.

I also enjoy working with Carries staff. They are very proactive in getting the leads generated, collecting payments and keeping solid notes on the progress of the projects. That helps me to just focus on the clients needs and getting the projects done.

If you are going to be a partner of Complete Business Group, you are assured that you will enjoy the experience from beginning to the end.Joshua McMillan, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (POS, Revel, QBES & QBO)

Got my first client hooked up with Enterprise though Carrie’s program. Woohoo!!! And paid for 10 months of catch-up work in full upfront! Good day all around! Thank you Carrie for all that you do – and for going above and beyond to get this client up and running! I look forward to working with you a lot more in the future!Jessica Rubenking, Parkside Business Services LLC
I love Carrie Hogan Kahn! She makes my life so much easier. I wouldn’t sign up a client any other way now. Her team takes care of me and I’ve had great help from intuit too (for special payroll needs in WA state). And I got paid! Never got paid for signing up anyone before. I love it!Becky McGinty, BSG Enterprises
Once again, I have to take time out of my busy day to say THANK YOU! Thank you Carrie Kahn for posting about the QBO/Intuit Payments Solution outage. I got to be a superstar to my client and save myself time with QB tech support. Anik Dean, Anik's Books

HUGE shout out and thank you to Carrie Hogan Kahn. I am SO excited to be building my business and working with you as a partner in your IRP Partner program- Complete Business Group. You were ABSOLUTELY correct when you said that getting my QB Pro Advisor Certification would jump start my business! I have had my own construction company for years but just started my bookkeeping business a few months ago. Based upon Carrie’s recommendation I worked on and just got my QBO Certification. When I posted the news last night on my FaceBook about my new Certification and I told friends how I could help them get great discounts on QB products and services, within 15 minutes, I not only had tons of congratulations but 4 people with small businesses asked to meet with me! I have another meeting this afternoon with someone that contacted me this morning! WOW! THANK YOU to Carrie, Eric David Greenspan and all of the other wonderful team on ABBO for being so knowledgeable, helpful and cheering me on during my start-up. You guys are amazing and I cannot say enough great things about ABBO.Jennifer Ginther, Fairwinds Business Solutions INC
Being a member of the CBG reseller team has been a rewarding experience – not only from the residuals perspective, but even more so from the support and training provided by Carrie, Paula and Angela. They are always quick to respond to requests for information or help. And I continually benefit from the knowledge and experience they so freely share, both through CBG’s website and social media groups. Joining this team was one of the best business decisions I have made.Abby Hart, Hart and Associates
I joined with CBG, I believe, in late 2016 after several of my clients, now still clients but also friends, suggested I join. That is when I started to roll in product costs into my packages so I could pass that savings onto my clients and earn money myself. I’ve been very lucky, depending on how you look at it, that a lot of clients I’ve started working with came to me with no other accounting service and so I’ve been able to truly utilize the CBG Partner benefits. I am excited too as I move into 2018 and will have 3 new clients moving to utilize QBO Payments and start getting those residuals as they’ll process between $5k-$15k/month/each. When I started my business back in 2015, commissions of sales and residual income weren’t even on my radar as something I could budget for or expect. In addition, the support has just been great!Shanna Quin, East Orlando Bookkeeping

Working with Carrie and her crew has been nothing but amazing! They have boosted my knowledge of their products and have the best staff and support teams with intuit that really make my job easy! I am glad that I have found CBG! They have a partner for life in me!Erica Palmisano, CD Tax & Financial

CBG has been an invaluable resource. The product offering knowledge, access to Intuit insider information, and support from their team is first class and really contributes to helping my practice stand out and shine. The support and information available in their exclusive Facebook group is a nice bonus as well. I would highly recommend partnering with CBG if you are interested in further betterment and growth as an Intuit service professional.Meghan Blair-Valero, Fogged In Bookkeeping
CBG Group has been so helpful as I’ve grown my business and offered Intuit products to my clients. Since launching my coaching program, they have helped me on-board countless new partners with ease! We are so grateful for this partnership! Tiffani Higgins, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
I have been working with CBG for a little over a year and never thought it would be possible to become a Premier Partner as quickly as I did. As part of my service to my clients I always make sure they know that I can offer them any of their QuickBooks products that they would need. I show my passion of QuickBooks to all I come in contact with and everyone who know me can see how much respect I have for Intuit and what they do for us, the Pro-Advisor. Working with CBG has made my job even easier as a one stop shopping cart. Anything that I need is there at my fingertips and their support is always on point. I am proud to say that I am part of the CBG Family. Thanks for all you do.Janice Barsalou, Just Right Bookkeeping
After getting my first payment from CBG I just had to say I’m so glad I signed up as a partner with Complete Business Group. Who can argue with getting paid more for what you already do AND getting a discount for your clients to boot.

Thanks for all you do!Julie Babcock-Hyde, Spark Accounting Solutions