The Premier Partners have exceeded their goals and are at the top of our group.

We are so proud of this group and all they have accomplished!


    Partners can qualify as a Premier Partner Level by earning $1000 in total commissions and residuals annually.

    Partners must maintain their sales level each year to remain a Premier Partner.

    CBG Premier Partner Benefits:

    • Premier partner badge
    • Priority support with CBG
    • Highlight in CBG newsletter and Social media
    • Partner Business Strategy & Marketing session each year
    • 50% off schoolofbookkeeping.com membership
    • Special Premier Partner Events
    • Premier Partner Slack Channel

    Tiffani Higgins

    Carla Demarco

    Sandra Seiler

    Erica Palmisano

    Jen Ginther

    Ivey Baird

      Shanna Quinn

      Monica Rankin

      Anna Burke

      Nancy Scott

      Marcy Montag

      Lynn Mattice

        Meghan Blair

        Alicia Van Sickle

        Janice Doyle

        Anik Dean

        Gretchen Herin

          Susan Natali

          Cheryl Nuzzolo

          Stephanie Thurman

          Tina Hurst

          Fran McCully

          Penny Giron

            Greg Cullup

            Tiffany Bastian

            Abby Hart

            Alba Roldan

            Shirley Alcock

            Kathy Kinser

              Maura Wiser

              Angie Larshbough

              Carrie Christino

              Jake Douglas

              Jason Hamende

              Katherine Johnson

                Chelsea Kanke

                Kim Smith

                Tracy Jepson

                Sandy Rockwell

                Richard Brinkworth

                  Robyn Talbott

                  Renee Wengrofsky

                  Pete Audenas

                  Tammy Wendland

                  Cathie Kovacs

                  Kathy Grosskurth

                    Maya Weinreb

                    Kristin Kirui-Case