CBG partnerships with Third-Party Vendors

What this means, how you benefit, and added commission opportunities exclusively negotiated for CBG Partners

We are adding new Third-Party Vendors all the time. Below is a non-exhaustive list of our current affiliate relationships that CBG Partners can leverage to provide additional services to their clients and earn additional commissions or residuals.

Be sure to use the affiliate links on this page or order on your CBG Partner landing page to ensure you earn a commission.

Checkout the CBG-approved Third-Party Vendors below:


schoolofbookkeeping.com offers valuable resources to help you get the answers you need fast so you can get back to doing what you love!

We offer different support solutions when you can't get anywhere with Intuit. We also offer a profit share opportunity to CBG partners with our affiliate program.

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When you find QuickBooks payroll falls short for your customer's needs, we recommend talking to our rep at ADP. They can pass along special CBG pricing and customize a package for your customer. This can work with QBO or QB Desktop or stand-alone. Their websites for employers and employees are very user-friendly. CBG partners can also earn quarterly commissions and residuals by working together.

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This is a cloud-based Point of Sale. With the recent announcement of the discontinuation of QuickBooks Point of Sale, we are looking for a Retail Replacement.

Lightspeed Advanced includes a Retail POS system with an online eCommerce website that directly sends sales summary data to QuickBooks Online. They will do the conversion, installation, and training and you will earn residuals on their software and payments.

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CBG has partnered up with Avalara to provide the following benefits:

  • You have a personal sales tax concierge on behalf of CBG!
  • You will receive commissions by sending referrals
  • Avalara will act as that arm of your business for sales tax compliance
  • Sales tax is hard!!  There are no stupid questions and no one does this manually anymore.  Do you automate Payroll?  Well, sales tax is about 4000 times more complicated than Payroll.

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This hosting solution that has more flexibility to meet your needs. QuickBooks offers bundled hosting but we find not all third party apps are offered for QB Cloud,  and if they are, each user has to pay a higher rate. Customer find that Eezy cloud is much easier to use as it is accessed from a URL instead of a remote desktop connection.  Free trial available.

Partners can find pricing for Eezy cloud on your CBG Partner Landing Page under HOSTING. When you place your order, it will automatically connect you to the order to earn a small residual.


A step up from the free e-invoicing you get with QuickBooks Payments. It works with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Read our blog post on how Bill & Pay will improve your workflow here. 

As a CBG partner, if you want to earn residuals on this product you need to report your customer to us so we can track.  Report here

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 An inventory and warehouse management program that works with both QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. For QuickBooks online customers, this solution is a way to get the functionality that is found in QuickBooks Platinum edition. It enhances the function of inventory such allowing for warehouse tracking as well as assemblies. You can select different kinds of costing methods beyond FIFO in QuickBooks Online. For QuickBooks desktop customers, be sure to look at the Enterprise Platinum Edition to see if it meets your needs. Typically the software cost starts at $5k, plus implementation start around $15k.  

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Have you ever had a client say “They can’t afford to pay sales tax?” Commonly, many businesses get themselves into trouble because they don’t separate the funds collected for sales tax when it comes time to file and remit the payment. DAVO puts sales tax on autopilot. It will pull the sales tax information from QBO and Many cloud-based POS systems (Square, Toast, on, and oh yes, Lightspeed), and will automatically transfer the sales tax collected into a separate account so they don’t spend it. Then when it’s time to file and remit they will pay and file the sales tax for you. CBG partners earn a monthly residual for referrals. DAVO saves you time and ensures sales tax is filed on time.

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Do clients struggle to post credit card expenses correctly, managing approvals and downloads? Fyle can simplify this process for you. They work with ANY credit card company and make it easy for your employees to upload receipts with notes. CBG has negotiated free onboarding and discounted rates. You can earn a residual. 

When you place an order, indicate you are interested in spend management and this will connect you to the prospect.  Exclusive CBG Pricing and lifetime residual payments on active accounts.

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Looking for a solution to manage bills for your clients? Corpay One provides a “one-stop shop” for all of your clients' management needs. Setting up multiple approvals workflows, managing employee corporate cards with spend limits and category restrictions, or setting up employee reimbursements, COrpay can do it all in one platform. You can earn a commission by referring businesses to Corpay, or if you manage your clients’ spend management as your suite of services you can have an Accountant dashboard to add your clients directly. It integrates with QBO with a two-way sync.

There are two ways to learn more: When you place an order, indicate you are interested in bill pay management and this will connect you to the client so if they do move forward you will receive a commission. CORPAY provides a special 20% off for CBG partners and their clients.

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Managing online sales channels into QuickBooks Online is one of hte biggest challenges facing business today. There everyone has their “own special way” to get data into QuickBooks Online. Bookkeep streamlines and automates this process. They have multiple integrations with online sales channels and payment methods, and if they don’t directly integrate, you can forward a report to them so they can automate the process for you. You have a dashboard for all your clients. You can invite them to connect it themselves so you don’t need their logins, and then you manage the data going into QB Online. It sends daily summarized journal entries that can be modified without duplication. Let your clients live in their sales systems while Bookkeep automatically feeds into QuickBooks. All the while, you are earning a residual for active clients.

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Timesheets.com is an online time tracking service for payroll, billing, job costing, grant allocation, electronic signatures, supervisor approvals, and provides flexible reporting options. Timesheets.com is a more affordable solution than QB Time for those people not needing a bundled Payroll/time tracking solution. 

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A way to connect e-commerce to QuickBooks so you don’t have to manually enter the transactions.
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As an added benefit of being a CBG Partner, we have negotiated agreements with many popular third-party vendors, often paying higher commissions than if a partner directly joins an affiliate program with a vendor individually. Additionally, some vendors do not offer affiliate programs to the general public, but CBG has a significant volume, so we can take advantage of benefits that our partners can't when partnering individually with a vendor. 

We want to ensure CBG partners are aware of these benefits and think they need to become an affiliate as well. CBG partners are not required to sign agreements with a third-party vendor. Instead, CBG has already negotiated with the vendors and maintains the relationships to ensure we receive the payouts from each vendor. 

CBG can often negotiate lower pricing, higher commissions, and/or residuals with each vendor due to our volume. As a group, we can meet sales requirements together so CBG partners no longer have to worry about meeting sales minimums alone. 

CBG partners benefit because you do not need to waste time and spend time following up to receive your affiliate payments from each vendor. We collect the payments and then pay our CBG partners the same as we do with all our products, 50/50. We pay the commission collected from vendors 60 days in arrears from when the vendor pays CBG depending on the contract with each vendor which pays commissions to CBG either monthly or quarterly.