Are you ready to start making money while you sleep?

For years I have had the vision to build a partner program that brings together the brilliant minds of ProAdvisors and other consultants from across the country to support each other and our clients. I’ve had a long journey getting here, but I genuinely believe we are all BETTER TOGETHER!

I’ve been supporting and recommending QuickBooks for over 25 years, not even realizing I was selling the product!

In 2008, Complete Business Group joined the QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) program. Making this commitment came with sales goals and challenges, we immediately became an expert in ALL the product offerings. We learned by using the products in-house, investing in conferences as well as staying certified in the ProAdvisor program. We became the #1 reseller in the East in 2015, and we continue to hold the spot.

Soon after, we officially launched our Complete Business Partner Program. We will share our profit 50/50 on every sale. We pay our partners every month. It’s our partner promise that we will never solicit or poach their customers. We build relationships that we hope will last for years and years. We want to see our partners build an annuity instead of leaving an income opportunity on the table. Our partner program has grown tremendously. We now have over 200 partners. Our CBG Premier Partner Level is for those partners who have excelled in the program to become our top earners of commission and residual payments.

We are Award Winning! CBG Partner program was recognized as the Intuit QSP Partner Program of the Year for 2017. In 2018, CBG hit the Million Dollar Club which gave us “Elite” QSP status. This is the highest tier available as a QSP which gives us higher payouts from Intuit allowing us in turn to pay our Partners more in commissions.

As we grow in sales, we are also growing in support opportunities. Our collaboration is designed so that we provide the product selection expertise and our partners provide the setup and support for our clients. We are growing our “go to list” of partners providing them support leads. Then we can all focus on doing what we love. This allows CBG to continue to provide excellent customer service to anyone who buys from us!

As our partner program grew a beautiful thing happened, we also built a family and a community of resources. We are living our dream and are better together.

Interested in getting started?

If you are interested in joining our free partner program, we would love to have you.