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Partner Commission Schedule

Commissions are one time payments. Residual income is ongoing. All commissions and residuals are split 50/50 with CBG.


CBG Pricing

PARTNER Commission

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QBES (New Clients)

QBES with Hosting

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15% of QBES

15% of QBES - 14% of Hosting

Monthly Residuals*

$262.50 (No longer pays residuals)











* Monthly Residuals on QuickBooks Payments vary and are determined by Intuit. When a client processes credit cards, they are charged a fee, this fee can be found in their merchant center. The actual expenses incurred to process the credit card are deducted from the fee collected by Intuit for processing the payment. This determines the net income earned on the merchant account. We get a percentage of the net income which we share with our partners 50/50. Each account is different and can produce higher actual fees than another, so it’s impossible to predict your residual. After your client begins processing payments you should be able to see their average to predict based on historical charges. The residuals paid are not based on charged volume or fees collected. The residual amount is a percentage of the net income Intuit earns for processing payments through QuickBooks.

How to get paid

All commission payments will be made monthly on the 16th through You have the option to set up direct payments.

Residual payments are a month in arrears and can take 45-60 days to start.

Commission on QBO products take 45-60 days.

If you have commission questions please email