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Partner Commission Schedule

Commissions are one time payments. Residual income is ongoing. All commissions and residuals are split 50/50 with CBG.


CBG Pricing

PARTNER Commission

QBDT Premier Plus

QBES (New Clients)

QBES with Hosting

QB Payments

QB Assisted Payroll DT

QBO Payroll: Core

QBO Payroll: Premium

QBO Payroll: Elite

QBO Simple Start

QBO Essentials *

QBO Plus *

QBO Advanced *

QBO Advanced Upgrade

QB Time Elite

QB Time Premium

No Commission

15% of QBES

15% of QBES - 14% of Hosting

Monthly Residuals

$262.50 (No longer pays residuals)











How to get paid

All commission payments will be made monthly on the 16th through You have the option to set up direct payments.

Residual payments are a month in arrears and can take 45-60 days to start.

Commission on QBO products take 45-60 days.

If you have commission questions please email