CBG Partner FAQ

If you sign up your customers for QB payments, assisted or stand alone full service payroll, you will earn an ongoing residual. The residuals take about 60 days to start after the accounts are activated and the client starts using their account. The residuals are shared 50% with the partner and paid monthly on the 16th of each month for the month prior.
Partners are paid 50% on all commissional sales. Products sold at cost will not be commissionable as the client received a higher discount rather than making commission. Commission payments to partners are paid each month on the 16th for all sales the month prior.
We give your customer a 30 day trial and after that we are paid commission (not immediately but next round of payments). All commissions with CBG Partners are 50% share.
We have built a network of experts and can assist you in connecting with a partner that is specialized the area you are looking for support. If you come across a client that is beyond your scope you can email us to let us know what you need help with and we will get going to help you find the support.
Yes, of course you can join. You are getting your customers the very best pricing with their best interest in mind. Click here for price sheet. Our QBO and QBES discounted pricing is perpetual. Our Merchant service fees/rates are lower than direct.
You can submit an order by using our order form. Select the form for the product you would like to order, then complete the form and submit online. We get an instant notification and will begin processing the order right away.
IRPs and partners of CBG can offer their clients discounted rates. You can click here to see the pricing list.
You will need to complete the payments lead form to submit to the Intuit Payments team for approval. Click Here to Apply.
This doesn’t affect your ProAdvisor account, I am also a ProAdvisor. Our partner program enhances what you already have as a ProAdvisor. If you have a wholesale QBO billing account, you can continue to use that method, or you can sign up your customer for QBO under us and secure discounted pricing. We have access to best pricing on everything, on some of the products, we are paid commissions which we can share commissions with you that you cannot earn as a ProAdvisor.

Partner Support

As a pro-advisor you get really good support. Always use that first.  Also, our IRP top tier Support lines listed above are great as well.  If you have a serious support issue, we ask that you exhaust all your support channels, then we can help you elevate your support requests if you have an active support request number. We can also refer you to one of our expert technicians in our network, who offer discounted rates to our partners/clients if you need support or installation that can’t be resolved with the free support options.
We can provide you with all access to the free support that is provided with the software. We do not do the installation for you. If you need support for installation, then we can provide you with an expert technician who you/your client can contract with at a discounted rate.
If you need assistance getting up to speed and help closing the deal we will honor your 50/50 commission but you have to be involved in the process from start to finish as we are assisting to help you learn and get comfortable closing the sale. We will continue to strive to add value to our partners and assist you in closing sales as needed. 
If you don’t want to be involved in the quote, order, closing process and prefer to simply refer the deal to us so you can avoid the hassle of closing the deal with your client, we offer a $20 referral fee in lieu of commission if it closes.

We prefer that you are involved and make 50% commission because you know your client better than anyone and we have much better success with our partners helping during the sales process.