Winning Combination: Intuit Payroll and TSHEETS

Carrie KahnIntuit Payroll

Intuit Payroll offers many different options that work with Quickbooks. You can save more with Intuit payroll than other non-integrated options, the time spent in your books is less and with the full-service options, they guarantee compliance. We have several winning combinations we will share that help save time and money. One of our favorites is Intuit Payroll and TSHEETS.


There are several options for your clients. The payroll option you select will depend on which type of software your client uses. TIP: If job costing is needed, we recommend staying in desktop.

QBDT Payroll Options
  1. Do it yourself with adding on Enhanced Payroll to QuickBooks Pro or Premier
  2. Do it yourself with using QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition, FREE direct deposit
  3. Done for you with QuickBooks Assisted Payroll can work with all desktop products
QBO Payroll Options
  1. Do it yourself with adding on Enhanced Payroll
  2.  Done for you with QuickBooks Full Service Payroll
  3. Done for you with Intuit Full Service Payroll includes subcontractors/1099s
QB Standalone option (import into QBDT or QBO)
  1. Done for you with Intuit Full Service Payroll includes subcontractors/1099s. (no job cost)
QBO Full Service Payroll or Intuit Full Service Payroll
  • Intuit does the SETUP for you! FREE! Now you no longer have to wait until November or December to setup a client, it can be done ANYTIME of the year!
  • The price for Intuit payroll products are very competitive and 40-50% less than the popular ADP or Paychex.
  • Conversions are smoother for customers that are on ADP or Paychex because the setup team is able to pull the information right from the other payroll login.
  • Any of your customers that are on QBO Enhanced Payroll (QBOP) can now upgrade to QBO Full Service Payroll (QBFSP). This was not possible before.
  • TSHEETS tracks OVERTIME which is a manual process in QuickBooks.
  • TSHEETS is now integrated directly in QBO! You no longer have to approve time in TSHEETS and then send them to QBO, it’s all completed in one place.
  • TSHEETS has a new Kiosk option to replaces old punch clocks.
QuickBooks ProAdvisors

QuickBooks ProAdvisors have access to many of these tools for free or at a huge discounted rate. This allows you to try it, see how it works and makes recommending it so much easier as you can actually speak from experience in how you run your own firm’s payroll.

PAP’s who use QBDT can get assisted at $99/annually. If you use QBO, you get QBFSP free as part of their QBOA for their firm. No extra fees!

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