Partner Success Tips

Income Opportunity

  • Pricing Sheets

    Everyone wants pricing quick, so we’ve created a quick reference sheet for you to access and present verbal quotes to your clients.

  • How to Place an Order

    Order has been made easy. Go to our Order page and select the product. Once you submit the order we process and send you notification the order is complete.

  • Commissions

    The #1 way CBG partners can earn commissions is to sell QBO, QuickBooks Enterprise, QBES bundled with hosting, & sell QuickBooks Point of Sale – Revel! Buying through us can pay nice commissions. Make sure you understand when these products are the right choice for your client!

  • Earn Residual Income

    The #1 way CBG partners can earn residuals is to add-on QuickBooks Payments to work with your clients QB software! If you are not offering this to every client, you are leaving money on the table.

  • Become a ProAdvisor

    The best way to learn the products and become an expert is to become a ProAdvisor and get your certifications. This will also be listed in the ProAdvisor directory giving you exposure to potential clients.

Partner Education

  • Utilize the Partner Resource Center

    We recommend starting with the products tab to understand your offerings. Catch up on the monthly calls in our video library. We have diluted the enormous wealth of information provided as a reseller to give you what you need to quickly get up to speed.

  • Join the CBG Partners Facebook Group

    This group is exclusive to CBG Partners. We share important information here and you can engage with other CBG partners to get help when needed.

  • Read our Blogs

    We highly recommend reading our blog to help you get up to speed fast! We share a wealth of knowledge in our blogs. We have our company blog on the Complete Business Group website. We also have started a Partner Blog to share specific tips and tricks to help you sell more.

  • Attend the Monthly Partner Calls

    These calls are designed to help you learn more about QuickBooks products and sales. Each month we go into detail on a specific topic. All calls are recorded so if you are unable to make it you can watch at anytime and also go back to review topics you have questions about.

  • Product Knowledge

    We break down the products to make it easy for you to understand with our comparison charts. sell sheets and product overview.