QuickBooks Desktop Customer Considerations


Are you aware of the low hanging fruit opportunities for your clients that are using QuickBooks Desktop options? In particular those that are on QuickBooks Enterprise. If they are a current QuickBooks Enterprise user, it’s a good idea to do an audit. Find out what they have and what they are paying for. The old QuickBooks Enterprise came in one flavor with the option to add on Advanced Inventory or Advanced Pricing. The new QuickBooks enterprise comes in Silver (similar to original ES), Gold includes QB Enhanced Payroll and Platinum includes Advanced Inventory & Advanced Pricing.

There is an opportunity for partners to be a hero for their clients that use QuickBooks Desktop products. There are several ways in which you could save your clients money and extend to them an ongoing discount available through us that is not available if they call direct!


PROMO: from time to time there are promotional discounts that are offered by the Direct Channel as well as our channel. They are for year 1 only. At renewal of their subscription, year 2, the client is usually shocked to find out they have to pay FULL MSRP!

Perpetual: Under our channel, and the fact that we are ProAdvisors, we are allowed to offer clients a perpetual discount, meaning a discount that remains year after year. If your clients ever need to make a change, they have to go through us to keep this unique discount in place.

Here are some tips to capture your low hanging fruit:


QuickBooks GOLD includes QB Enhanced Payroll for no extra FEEs! Direct deposit is included. Typically your clients are either paying $1.75 per EE per payroll or $2 per EE per month.

It depends on which QB Enhanced payroll they are on:

  • Old – $569 plus sales tax per year and 1.75  per EE per payroll.
  • New – $39 per month plus $2 per EE per month.

Let’s run a scenario with 10 employees, paid bi-weekly and have direct deposit.

  • Old – $569 + 455 = $1024 = $85.33 per month $783.96 savings
  • New – $39 + 20 per EE = $59 per month $468 savings
  • Silver to Gold = $20 per month


We recommend customers with files of 100,000k or higher use QuickBooks Enterprise. It allows you to continue to use the data file without having to shrink.  We do not recommend using the “condense the file” using the utility in the program. Instead we recommend using a safe third party vendor such as Matt Clark with www.qbornotqb.com


QuickBooks Enterprise now comes with US based support which includes online learning center, as well as Data Protection Services in the event this is needed.


Enterprise is available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 30


The option to bundle with Right Network Hosting is available for 1-30 users. All variations in between. You get Commission on the whole bundled annualized amount. Please request custom quote here.


QBES also has no monthly fee payments along with lowest published rates. Partners can enjoy the residuals if they sign up properly.


The old FSP (Full service plan) rates are often higher than the current subscription rate. For example 1 user Silver is $800 per year which is less than the current FSP rates of $1299 per year. Save your client $499!

  • Price comparison betweenFSP & Subs
  • Flexible payment options (You can pay monthly vs all at once)
  • ProAdvisor pricing –20% off 1-10 users–12.5% off 30 users


When we sell QuickBooks Enterprise to a customer there is a 28% commission on the ANNUAL amount sold. We split this 50/50 with our partners. When a client needs to ADD A SEAT, or switch from monthly to annual, Silver-Gold-Platinum it is an opportunity for a SALE!

If your clients are on the perpetual discount and ever need to make a change, make sure they go through us to keep this unique discount in place.

Here is a blog from Complete Business Group with great information regarding bundling to save money on enhanced payroll that you can share with your clients. Click here to view.