How to Make Reporting Easy With QuickBooks® Advanced Reporting

Carrie KahnPARTNERS, ProAdvisor

The Complete Business Group stays on the cutting edge with QuickBooks Software and solutions. In our partner program we refer support work to our Partners to assist our clients in solving complicated problems. Just one such tool is the Advanced Reporting feature in QuickBooks Enterprise Software. Not many ProAdvisors are proficient using this tool, there is a huge support opportunity and niche.

Let’s take a look at how we collaborated with one of our ProAdvisors, Joshua McMillan to solve a huge reporting nightmare for our client. Our client needed to simplify their reporting processes in running commission reports. This was not your typical, straightforward commission report. They needed to calculate the margin by subtracting the company cost of the item from the sales price. Then, they had to calculate the commission percentage based on the margin. In addition, any credits that occurred during that month needed to be deducted. If that wasn’t enough, they added another variable to only calculate commissions on paid invoices.

The templates in the Advanced Reporting feature save significant time and are auto-filled with your company’s live data to spare you the manual entry, as well as eliminate manual input errors. In order to customize the client’s complex commission report, Joshua was able to create a custom report and add the four different variables to create the custom report. Once the template was built, all the client needs to do is pick the date range and then click “XL.” It’s that easy. They get all the information they need to process commissions in their new report each month.

Recently, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program released a new certification for QuickBooks Enterprise designed to empower the ProAdvisor with knowledge on advanced reporting, advanced inventory and advanced pricing. Joshua’s certification, experience with custom reporting along with his love for excel, allowed him to be able to complete the setup of this report. We recommend that any of our partners that love custom reporting take the time to learn this tool.

We want to be able to take every call that comes across our desk and give a full solution. We want YOU to be able to do the same thing by utilizing our referral network. It is our intention to continue to provide excellent customer service to you our partners, your customers as well as our own.

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