How to get paid

It is important that you understand when commissions are paid, the partner commission schedule, and how residuals work. All commission payments will be made monthly on the 16th through You have the option to set up direct payments with your bank via

  • All commissions listed above are split 50/50 with partner when the partner closes the sale
  • Commissions are one time payments
  • Residuals are payments that are ongoing
  • If you refer the client to CBG to close on your behalf, then we pay $25 referral fee if commissionable product sold
  • Commission on QBO products are paid after the 30 day free trial and the client activates their QBO account
  • If the customer cancels, there will be no payment of commission
  • Residual income from QBPayments can take 45-60 days depending on when the client activates the account and starts using their account
  • We no longer pay any monthly residuals that are less than $1. If less for the month, it will be deleted because charges .49 cents to sent a payment. It is not cost or time effective.
Commissions and reseller promotions are determined by Intuit and are subject to change at anytime.

If you have commission questions please email


The #1 way CBG partners can earn residuals is to add-on QuickBooks Payments to work with your clients QB software! If you are not offering this to every client, you are leaving money on the table.

Always offer payments on every lead, customer, or order you come across. We have created some very helpful videos and blogs about merchant services. This will transform your business and income potential.

QB Payments

QuickBooks Payments residual amounts can vary depending on each type of business you setup. The amount paid depends on the rates your client gets, how often they use their account to process payments and which type of card is being used. Some accounts are AWESOME when they process a high volume of charges, some are small, and then there are some clients who set up the account but never use it. Remember you can only make residuals on the net income of the account (the gross fees less their actual expenses) on credit card transactions only.

Don’t let your clients add these on their own through their software or you will lose the residual opportunity as we will not get credit for the account. Be proactive and get them to add with your help.

So it’s extremely important that you are proactive in helping your client set up their QuickBooks Payments account and show them how easy it is to use. Otherwise they might forget about it and use another company for their payments.


QuickBooks Assisted Payroll (desktop) and Intuit Full Service Payroll IFSP (standalone). Each Payroll account does not produce huge residuals, however over time you can build your monthly residuals with each account you add. When you set someone up on assisted or Intuit Full Service Payroll (IFSP) you can have confidence that they are in compliance while at the same time you can build your monthly residuals.

Here are some resources to get you started:

  • Partner Blog that explains how to earn residuals with QB Payments
  • Blog you can share with your customers about QB Payments
  • Watch recorded partner training calls in our Video Library

Don’t forget to setup payments for your own business! It’s a great way to earn extra money. Do you already accept QB payments for your own company?

  • Yes! I have had my account for more that 2 years. Contact us and we can move you to a new account where you can earn residuals on your own business!
  • No. You can complete the QB Payments lead form to have the payments team get you setup!


  • Do not let your client click through the product to add payments, you will not get credit.
  • Residual payments are a month in arrears and can take 45-60 days to start.

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