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As a reminder, Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) is being discontinued on May 31, 2016. The ability to send invoices containing an IPN payment link and send payments with the Pay Vendor tool will come to an end, and the beginning of the IPN ‘death spiral’ will swirl for roughly another month as customers will still be able to pay an open invoices through your Pay Link until June 30, 2016. You will also be able to download IPN payments posted to your account and review all past transactions until that same June 30th date.

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A few partners requested a template to send a message to their customers. Below is the template to use to send this information on to your customers who may be affected by this change.

Click Here to download the Template for IPN Change

We have included the links to the order form to share with your customers on the template. You can edit this as needed for your clients specific software needs. They are also listed here for your reference. These would be useful to save in case you are meeting with a client in the future as well.

Customer Order Forms

You will need to instruct your customer to put your name in the “referred by” section at the bottom of the form to get credit. Otherwise, you can complete the order form with or for your customer making sure the referred part is completed. In addition, you can email us to give us a heads up to look for your customers order request. Please include the company name and we will make sure your name is attached to that order. We will send confirmation when order is completed.

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