Why File Size Really Matters in QuickBooks?

Carrie Kahn PARTNERS, QB Financial

Let’s talk about why file size is important in QuickBooks! Size really does matter!

There is such a misunderstanding of the different versions of Quickbooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise. The word Enterprise is confusing, it makes people think that the software is too big for them when in fact it may be a perfect fit. This software is not designed for Mid-Large corporations, it’s perfect for Small Businesses.

Unless you are only using your software as a checkbook like the product Quicken, there is a good chance your are in a product that is too small for your needs. QuickBooks Pro and Premier have exactly the same file size limitations. They talk about lists being limited to 14,500. This number makes no sense to most and we have found an easier way to determine if you have outgrown your software. Simply press F2. Is your file size 100,000K or higher? Then you have outgrown the software.

QuickBooks Enterprise can handle your data file up to 1,000,000k comfortably. If you grow higher than this, you can either use a third party file shrink service or you will need to move to a different product. Below is a screenshot of where to look to view your file size.


What is the difference between QB Pro/Premier and Enterprise?

  • The software looks similar and smoothly upgrades so there isn’t a big learning curve
  • It processes faster
  • Pro/Premier offer overseas support at a fee, Enterprise has free US support
  • Enterprise includes Data Services in the event that your data file becomes corrupt
  • Pro/Premier – you have to purchase for updates, Enterprise keeps you in the latest version
  • Pro maxes out at 3, Premier at 5 and Enterprise at 30
  • Pro/Premier has 8 preset user access levels, Enterprise has 200 customizable user settings (keep people out of sensitive areas)
  • Premier & Enterprise all provide industry specific industry editions (Pro doesn’t)
  • Premier & Enterprise include the sales order feature (Pro doesn’t)

What happens if you ignore a file that has grown too big?

  • You will not get a warning, the data will become corrupt
  • Your balance sheet will no longer balance
  • Your software starts getting really slow

What are the options?

  • You can do a condense right in the file – although we DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! This has been known to cause data corruption that cannot be fixed. (Even with Intuit Data Services)
  • You can pay a third party to safely “shrink” the file and stay in the cheaper software option
  • You can migrate to QuickBooks Enterprise and keep all your history
  • Also instead of having to purchase software for one flat rate, you can now pay a subscription which is less than your cable bill or utility bill and get the software you need. Starting at $67 per month!

Why cram your size 9 foot in a size 6 shoe? What are the real savings? If you would like a quote on QB Enterprise, click here and our team will contact you with a pricing quote.