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A common question when new partners join is around the earning potential earning commissions and residuals. We have a resource for you to learn more about commissions on each product. Click here

To earn a commission and/or residuals, you need to use your co-branded landing page so that we can track the order back to you. You will get an email every time an order is placed, and we have a tracking system based on your order form. If you haven’t completed all the steps to onboard, you are welcome to use our order form, but it is up to you to alert us to tag your name to the sale. 

An easy way to make a passive residual income stream is to add QuickBooks Payments to every sale. Also, take the time to show your customers how to accept credit card payments! The more they use it, the more your stream will build over time. You need to be aware that as soon as your customer connects bank feeds, Intuit will create a merchant ID for your client. This will not earn you income, and the customer will pay full price and not get our discount. We recommend that you are proactive in having your customer apply through your landing page so that they have lower processing rates by going through CBG and you earn residual income. Win/win.

We have additional partnerships with Third Party vendors that also offer residual payments, such as Bill & Pay, Webgility, Eezycloud, Timesheets.com, ADP, bookkeep, DAVO, SOS Inventory, and many others. Many times you have to meet a threshold to reach a payout, but through your partnership with CBG, we meet the threshold collectively, and we manage the payout for you.

When will you be paid? When CBG gets paid, we need a month to reconcile, and then we pay our partners. Intuit pays us monthly after the customer is successfully charged. For our third-party vendors, the payout is quarterly, we need a month to reconcile your payment, and then we will pay our partners. 

We have partners that are earning over $1000 per month in residual income from their QB Payments credit card processing. We have created some very helpful videos and blogs about merchant services. This will transform your business and income potential. Access the complete course to unlock the power of QB Payments.

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