Intuit Field Service Management App (IFSM)

Carrie Kahn Field Service Management, PARTNERS

The first thing you may be thinking is “ANOTHER PRODUCT TO LEARN?” No, you don’t have to learn this one if you don’t want to. Just learn what industry it helps! Our IFSM rep can do the demo for you and even sell your client the QUICKSTART package to get them up and running. If this type of work peaks …

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QuickBooks File Check Up

Kathy Grosskurth QuickBooks File Checkup

People normally do not think of going to the doctor until they are sick. The same goes for your Accounting Software. Often QuickBooks Proadvisors will get a call from a prospect when reports aren’t looking right and they need help in correcting their setup in their data file. They usually want you to take a look with the expectation that …


Carrie Kahn ProAdvisor

There is fear of competition in our industry. People worry that someone is going to steal your ideas and your clients. If there is something you are truly doing different, you certainly don’t want to share your “secret sauce.” I also have this fear, and when I am comfortable talking to other professionals, I want to share. Sometimes my gut …

QuickBooks Desktop Customer Considerations

Carrie Kahn PARTNERS

Are you aware of the low hanging fruit opportunities for your clients that are using QuickBooks Desktop options? In particular those that are on QuickBooks Enterprise. If they are a current QuickBooks Enterprise user, it’s a good idea to do an audit. Find out what they have and what they are paying for. The old QuickBooks Enterprise came in one …

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The Debate: QBO vs. QBDT – Which Version is Best for Your Business?

Carrie Kahn QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online QBO (Quickbooks Online) is a cloud based accounting system designed for multiple platform users. It is totally dependant on internet so if you are in a rural area, that is a major consideration. You can use Mac or PC doesn’t matter, you simply need the internet. Version specific features: In order to get a lot of the features …

QuickBooks 2017 Unboxing

Carrie Kahn PARTNERS

QuickBooks 2017 has been released. We review all the new features and are excited to report these to our partners. We have reviewed the new QuickBooks 2017 and are excited to report the new features found in this new edition. All the features are included in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise unless marked “Enterprise Only”. If you are interested in pricing be sure look at …

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EMV Compliance and QuickBooks Point of Sale…What Your Clients Need To Know

Carrie Kahn None

In recent months, I am sure you have been asked by your clients that accept credit cards, “What is EMV compliance all about and how does it affect me?” If you haven’t been asked, you should take the time to learn what it means. Basically, there has been a liability shift that has moved from the payment processor to your …

Solutions to recommend to your clients now that IPN is gone

Carrie Kahn Bill & Pay, PARTNERS

If your customer has the new QuickBooks Payments, it includes a free feature called e-invoicing. This product is the replacement for IPN that was discontinued May 2016. Your customers love this feature because it speeds up collections on their accounts receivable. One big improvement is that these payments are included in the auto batch feature saves a lot of time …

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Why File Size Really Matters in QuickBooks?

Carrie Kahn PARTNERS, QB Financial

Let’s talk about why file size is important in QuickBooks! Size really does matter! There is such a misunderstanding of the different versions of Quickbooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise. The word Enterprise is confusing, it makes people think that the software is too big for them when in fact it may be a perfect fit. This software is not designed …

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