5 Simple Ways for ProAdvisors to Grow your Income and Build a Successful Practice

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As an Entrepreneur, we know first hand how exhilarating and frightening chasing our dreams can be. Our motto is “Do what you love, love what you do.” I love QuickBooks Products and have been supporting them since v1. In 2008, I transitioned my focus to sell Intuit Software to make a profit and joined the Intuit Reseller Program. About a year ago, I began taking steps to develop the Complete Business Partner Program. Now, I can support ProAdvisors and others to grow their practice by sharing my product knowledge.

I am a product expert and love to sell QuickBooks. I have learned a thing or two along the way, and I am committed to your success. I want to share my journey with you and the lessons I have learned along the way. Here are a few strategies that will help increase your income and grow your practice if you implement them regularly.


When we start out our practice and are growing our business, we don’t always have the privilege of being picky with our clients. We all have to start somewhere. After all, how can we know what we do and don’t like if we haven’t tried it first? When you are getting established, take on as many projects as you can without compromising your ability to do a job well done. In doing so, you will discover what you do well and what you don’t. You will learn what you love and thus what will be more lucrative professionally, personally and financially.

If you are not a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, join today! When you are at this stage, we recommend that you take the time to become certified in all of QuickBooks offerings in the ProAdvisor Program so that you are ready to tackle any project. It’s amazing how much you will learn in the certification program.


As a consultant, you may find you are happier working certain projects more than others. I know I cringe when someone calls me and needs support in an area I don’t feel like I excel in. Pay attention to the clients you like the most, and see if there is an industry you like more than others. In these areas, you can learn everything you can, find the best add-on programs and do additional certifications so that you can become the “go to expert” for your favorite niche.

In addition to becoming certified in all the ProAdvisor courses, we also recommend joining schoolofbookkeeping.com and taking the video courses that our partners, Kathy Grosskurth QBDT and Alicia Katz Pollock QBO have created.

You can grow by becoming more selective in your clients and continue to work on projects that you love to do. Then you can leverage your relationships to target your ideal customer and grow your practice.

Working with clients, you don’t like will not only make you miserable but could be harmful to your company and reputation.


One of the first things I recommend for ProAdvisors to do when you become certified is to go to the Find a ProAdvisor Directory and make sure you complete your profile. This creates a business listing for you and your company. Make sure you keep your business updated and relevant. This is where others search to find a ProAdvisor. I have been able to secure business through my listing. Make sure it’s professional, and you have a great profile photo. Being a certified ProAdvisor not only gives you exposure but helps you become proficient in QuickBooks software along with gaining valuable experience. Learn everything in your niche, and you can utilize tools that save time. We can list that you are experts at that tool as well gaining more customers by product specialty. Make sure you are Certified on all products, or you will not get listed. We recommend checking your listing every few months to make sure you stand out from your competition.


The web can be a daunting place. But it’s also a huge platform with unlimited reach to grow our businesses. With social media constantly evolving, we have an opportunity connect in ways we never thought possible just ten years ago. With sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Twitter, all we need is minutes a day to connect with others in our field. Whether it’s other CPAs, accountants or other like-minded business professionals, building mutual trust and a relationship with them is vital to building a referral network in your niche, who can refer you your ideal clients.


We’ve heard it a million times, regardless of business type, size or structure…it echoes in every business book, class, and seminar out there; consistency is key. If you want a successful business, you MUST be consistent in everything you do. Whether it’s face to face networking, social media, phone calls, or blogging, you must KEEP AT IT and do it regularly. Don’t let people forget who you are because eventually what you do WILL come up and when it does, it’s your face that will immediately come to mind.

You are not alone! We understand being an entrepreneur is hard work. We are here to support you and your clients for your QuickBooks needs and help you build an additional stream of income. Don’t leave money on the table any longer. Make sure you are working with a QuickBooks product expert and partnering to with an IRP to ensure your clients are getting the best prices.

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